Do you have a horse that you would like to take riding, but aren't sure which fly boots are best for your horse? Fear not! In this article, we will discuss the different types of fly boots and recommend the best ones for each horse type.

After reading this article, you will be able to choose the fly boots that are perfect for your horse and have a great time riding!

The Boot Should Be High Enough To Cover The Heel And Metatarsal Phalanx(MTP)

The boot should be high enough to cover the heel and Metatarsal Phalanx(MTP), as this is where most of the pressure will be applied when walking or trotting. If your horse's heels are constantly catching on things, a higher-booted fly will help to keep them in place.

The Boot Should Have A Fit That Is Tight But Not Too Tight

The boot should have a snug fit, but it shouldn't be so tight that it causes discomfort or makes it difficult for your horse to move their feet. A good rule of thumb is to go up one size if your horse is typically a large breed and two sizes if they are a smaller breed.

The Boot Should Have Good Traction

Good traction is essential for keeping the horse's feet from slipping on slick surfaces or in mud or snow. Look for boots with plenty of tread to help keep them stable and secure while you ride.

The Boot Should Fit Comfortably And Not Rub Or Chafe The Horse's Skin

Fly boots should fit snugly on the horse's feet and have good traction to keep them from slipping. They should also be comfortable for the horse, without rubbing or chafing their skin.

The Boot Should Be Made Of Waterproof Material

Rain or shine, your horse needs a fly boot that can keep up with the weather. Make sure the boot is made of waterproof material to stay comfortable in wet and cold conditions.

The Boot Should Have A Strap So That It Does Not Fall Off During Riding

Most fly boots have a strap to keep them securely attached to the horse's boot. This prevents them from becoming detached in rough or chaotic conditions, which can be dangerous and stressful for both you and your horse.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a number of brands in the market today that make boots fit for different horses. So, if you have a special horse who requires specific fly boots, then just go through the reviews above and pick one that works best for him or her.

Do keep in mind though that not all fly boots are compatible with each horse type. The ones made from high-quality materials will serve your horse well and be durable as well.

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