Do you use a digital torque wrench? If so, you're probably aware of the importance of using it safely. In this blog post, we'll outline some important safety tips for using digital torque wrenches, so you can keep yourself and others safe. We hope you find this information helpful!

Always Use The Appropriate Safety Gear

Always use proper safety gear when using a digital torque wrench, including gloves, face shield or goggles, and a full body protection garment. The faster the speed of the tool, the more force it can apply to your workpiece. If you're not properly protected, this could lead to serious injuries.

Make Sure Device Is Properly Installed And Calibrated

Make sure the digital torque wrench is properly installed and calibrated before using it. If it's not, the readings you get will be inaccurate. Check to make sure that the calibration knob is on 0 (zero) and that all screws are tight. Also, check that the cable is securely connected to the power source and properly routed around your work area.

Use The Correct Range Of Motion

Use the correct range of motion when using a digital torque wrench. Do not apply excessive force to the tool, as this could lead to injury. Use gradual, consistent pressure while tightening screws or bolts to avoid over-torqueing them.

Do Not Overreach

Do not overreach when using a digital torque wrench. Keep your body at a safe working distance from the tool, and use caution while extending the reach of the device. If you do need to extend your reach, first move any objects that could fall or be pushed into the path of the tool.

Disconnect The Tool In Case Of An Emergency

In the event that you experience an emergency and cannot stop the tool from working, always disconnect it from power first. This will prevent Injury to yourself or others.

Store The Tool Safely When Not In Use

When not in use, always store the tool safely. Make sure it's stored out of reach of children and other unauthorized individuals. Store the wrench on a level surface so that its weight doesn't cause it to fall or damage surfaces.

Bottom Line

All the safety tips we mentioned above will ensure that you do not hurt yourself or any one else. These tips are important so that everyone can use the torque wrench safely.

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