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The Penn Pursuit III & IV Spinning Fishing Reel is built for the angler who demands the very best. Featuring an HT-100 carbon fiber drag system, this reel provides smooth, long-lasting drag even at extreme drag pressures. With durable construction and precision engineering, the Penn Pursuit III & IV Spinning Fishing Reel is a top choice for serious anglers.

Penn Pursuit III & Pursuit IV Spinning Fishing Reel

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I’ve been using catfish rods for in-shore fishing. They tend to be very stiff and not great for working lures in the reeds when I’m trying to catch a redfish. This 7’ rod has the action of a much more expensive one. The reel is Penn. They are fantastic and durable. If you anticipate catching very large fish I would suggest a heavier reel. Now if I could just find the redfish...

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The graphite body of this catfish reel is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, while the aluminum superliner spool is machined and anodized for durability. The 4 plus 1 stainless steel bearing system ensures smooth operation.

KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reels are designed for anglers who want the best performance and comfort while fishing. The compact size and low profile make it comfortable to use, even after thousands of casts during a day of fishing. The concealed side cover release makes it easy to access the reel, and the durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come.

KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reels

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I love the new reel. Already had the first Royale Legend and after finding out it was revamped I had to get one. The drag is just as smooth if not better and it is smoother than the first one. I now own three Kast King baitcasting reels and plan to eventually switch all my reels to Kast King. They are by far worth their weight in gold. And I also own the Stealth which is another great reel and it will also take whatever you can throw at it too.

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The new Royale Legend II casting reel has carried the legacy and set a new bar for performance and durability.

For the first time, KastKing implements the double bearing supported pinion gear technology to a $40 reel, that delivers a 35% increase in smoothness under load compared to the original Royale Legend.

This new catfish reel design structure increases durability by an astounding 30%.

The KastKing Summer And Centron Spinning Reel is a great value for the price. It is loaded with features yet low on price. The KastKing Summer Fishing Reel turns any angler into a PRO. It is a great choice for the beginner and the experienced angler alike.

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

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First off this is my second central reel. I also have the 2000 model and liked it very much so I thought I would try the micro version. I have a presidential and a couple of Shimano reels that range from $65-100. They aren't top of the line but are very good quality reels. These central reels feel just as good as they do. They cast as good, really as good, and feel just as smooth. I'm not saying these are the best reels ever made but they are the absolute best reel you can buy for under $50 IMO. The only possible points I see not lasting as long as my other reels are the drag knob and drag linkage feels just a little flimsy. I will say that they can catch big fish as I ran into a school of hybrid bass the other day and caught several 5lb fish very easily with no problems on the 2000 reel. I have it outfitted with kayaking 12lb braid and 10lb fluoro leader. Just to end with, this is a very good reel for the money IMO. You can't go wrong here. Thanks for reading.

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KastKing Summer/Centron offers great value for money, packed with features yet low on price. This spinning reel is perfect for any angler, with a lightweight and compact design it is easy to use whilst still offering high performance.

The Superior Drag System provides incredible stopping power of up to 17.5lbs, making it perfect for fighting fish. With nine quality ball bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing, Summer/Centron catfish reel offers smooth performance.

It also has a durable and attractive finish, with a high strength two color anodized aluminum spool that looks great and is built to last.

So if you're looking for a spinning reel that performs well and doesn't break the bank, then KastKing Summer/Centron is a perfect choice.

The PENN Battle III spinning fishing reel is built for durability and performance. Its full metal body and side plate construction make it resistant to the elements, while its smooth drag system ensures a consistent, powerful fish-fighting experience. Whether you're an experienced angler or just getting started, the PENN Battle III is a great choice for your next fishing reel.

PENN Battle III Spinning Fishing Reel

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I very much enjoyed pulling a 23-in spotfin croaker while fishing on Coronado Beach in San Diego. It is very smooth, all-metal solid, and great to look at. I have a Daiwa BG and I bought this Penn because of the sealed bearings. While I equally like them both, I would strongly recommend the Battle III to add to anybody's arsenal of reels should you plan to fish the salt water.

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The catfish reel is made with a full metal body and side plate for durability and features CNC gear technology for precise operation.

It also has HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers for smooth performance and a 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system for smoothness and reliability.

Finally, it has line capacity rings for easy reference when adding lines.

The Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel is designed for anglers who demand the very best. Its 7-bearing system ensures smooth operation and corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings provide long-lasting durability. This reel also features durable aluminum construction and a comfortable ergonomic handle that provides a firm grip even in wet conditions.

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

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3000 vs 4000, the 3000 is just 1/4 inch smaller than the 4000. Both would be perfect for bass, and walleye. I would go 4000 for channels, and pike. The 3000 will go 6 lb at 230 yds, 8lb185, and the 4000 starts at 8 lb285 yds. Both are super excellent reels! I have many. I'm using the 4000 for 5-inch swimbaits and 3000 for 1/2 ounce jig heads. I measured the reels the 4000 from the top of the spool to the bottom of the reel is 5 inches long, and the 3000 is 4 3/4 inches. The 3000 is at the top of the photo, and the 4000 is at the bottom.

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The "B" at the end of the model number on this reel denotes that it comes in a claim packaging, as opposed to a box.

This catfish reel does not affect any of the specifications or performance of the reel. The reel itself is made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings and a graphite body and rotor for lightness.

It also has a braid-ready spool, meaning you can tie the braid directly onto it, as well as a sealed drag system for smoothness.

Finally, the slow oscillation gearing improves line lay and reduces line twists.

KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel, Most Powerful Transformer in Fishing, Geometrical Bionic Engineering Design, Autobot Look, Reduces Weight While Maintaining Strength. The KastKing Megatron spinning reel is the most powerful transformer in fishing. It features a unique, geometrical, bionic engineering design that is unlike any other reel on the market. The precise geometric forms offer a distinct Autobot look that set it apart from all others and helps reduce weight while maintaining strength. This reel is sure to make a statement on the water and is sure to help you land the big one!

KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel

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So far this reel has exceeded my expectations. I fish saltwater flats and estuaries on the Texas coast. The 3000 series has handled redfish and speckled trout with no problems. I did treat all of the bearings with corrosion x for added protection.

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KastKing Megatron spinning reels are built for strength and durability, with a rigid aluminum skeletal frame and robust gears.

The main drive gear is made of zinc alloy, while the pinion gear is machined from solid brass, providing the reel with the rigidity and smoothness needed to tackle tough conditions.

The triple-disc carbon fiber drag system delivers over 30lbs of run-stopping power, while the 7+1 MaxiDur double-shielded stainless-steel ball bearings provide smooth and consistent performance.

Whether you're fishing in saltwater or freshwater, KastKing Megatron spinning reels are up to the task.

The Daiwa BG Spinning Reel features a black anodized machined aluminum housing for a durable and lasting finish. The oversized digger system provides smooth and reliable operation, while the hard body and side cover protect your reel from the elements.

Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel

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So far so good! Caught multiple Sailfish, wahoo, blackfin tuna, and Mahi on these slick reels. Fast retrieve, solid construction, and good looks for a Benjamin? I bought 8 for my charter boat and haven’t been disappointed yet. I purchased 8 bg6500 and 4 bg4500 reels Nov 2016 and have thrown everything at them. Good: Drag system, infinite anti-reverse, metal construction. Bad: bail roller corrodes easily, getting seized in the process. Costs $25 to replace...

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The Shimano Solstice is a versatile and dependable catfish reel that features a solid screw-in handle, air rotor, and dynamic cut aluminum ABS spool.

The braided line-ready spool is perfect for use with braid lines, while the waterproof drag system ensures smooth and consistent drag performance.

The carbon ATD provides unmatched line management, and the 6BB+1RB helps to reduce line tangles. The J-BRAID is perfect for use with braided lines, and the infinite anti-reverse system ensures smooth and trouble-free performance.

The KastKing Sharky III fishing reel is the perfect choice for anglers targeting trophy fish. With a high percentage fiber reinforced graphite body and rotor, this reel is built tough to handle any conditions. The new design also provides superb lightweight performance, making it easy to carry and use all day long. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, the KastKing Sharky III is sure to help you land the big one.

KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel

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I have a lot of experience fishing. I have competed at a very high level of fishing. I was just looking for an inexpensive basic spinning real. I was very surprised at the quality of this spinning real. I have compared it to my name brand, with more expensive reels, and wished I would have known about this brand when I was paying three times for the same quality of gear. It is smooth with a smooth drag system. I would recommend this product for people to try before spending more on a product that doesn't function as well.

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Sharky III spinning reel is an amazing reel with a best-in-class up to 39.5LBs / 18KG of smooth, reliable triple disc carbon fiber drag. It also has an oversized stainless-steel main shaft, and stronger precision mesh manganese brass pinion gears for more fishing muscle.

The catfish reel is sealed with a KISS! (KastKing Intrusion Shield System) which helps keep water and dirt out. You'll be blown away by the quiet, silky smooth retrieve of the Sharky III. Plus, with the unique Shark Fin Braid Ready aluminum spool, you no longer need to use a backing line when spooling on the braid fishing line.

Sharky III spinning reel is loaded with features, including 10 + 1 high quality, saltwater rated double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings, instant lock anti-reverse, stainless steel hardware, aluminum handle, and more line capacity than other brands.

It is the best all-around spinning reel for every angler.

The KastKing Rover round baitcasting reel is the perfect choice for anglers who demand the very best. This reel features a reinforced design with thicker hard anodized aluminum side plates, CNC machined spool, precision cut brass gears, all alloy flawless level wind, industry-first stainless steel worm gear, patented metal idle gear, stainless steel shaft, and other components for superior durability and corrosion protection. The Rover round baitcasting reel is sure to provide years of trouble-free performance and is backed by a one-year warranty. Order yours today and experience the KastKing difference!

KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel

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I've always been a spinning reel kind of guy when it comes to catfishing but I've heard great things about this setup, So I figured at the price point this would be a great large profile baitcaster to try. Man, I am in love with this thing, it caster about 20-30 feet farther than I expected! A friend of mine who was with me was blown away and he is a big A.G. fishing gear guy but said he's gonna have to make the switch to KastKing Rovers! The bait clicker was easy to use and worked great. Because of the Rover, I think I'm going to use baitcasters for big games all the time now. Just ordered my second Rover today!

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KastKing Rover baitcasting reels are designed for anglers who demand quality, power, and performance at an affordable price.

With its superior carbon fiber drag system and newly designed "Cymbal Washer" System, KastKing Rover offers up to 30LB of smooth drag, making it a perfect choice for trolling, bottom fishing, and other freshwater or saltwater fishing techniques.

The oversized nonslip EVA grips, line-out clicker alarm, easy access thumb bar spool release (40-60 sizes), and the classic look are everything you would expect of a round baitcasting fishing reel.

KastKing Rover is the perfect choice for anglers who want an affordable, dependable level wind round baitcasting reel to add to their fishing tackle.

The Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel is a powerful reel that is perfect for trophy fish. It features three carbon washers that give it a drag of 18 pounds, making it perfect for those big fish. The reel also has a low-profile design, making it easy to use and maneuver.

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

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Worth every bit of the $40. Replaced bass pro tourney bait caster. The drag is nice and solid and the brake works well. Good handle but one of the anodized screws backed out and almost lost it. I have backlashed it a couple of times but nothing more than a couple of rolls of the drum my fault. I am running cheap 15lb mono on it and it works well. I have used it for probably a total of 4 or 5 hours. The drum bound up one time not bad but was noticeably tight. I loosened everything and readjusted and haven’t had a problem since. I gave it 5 stars because of the value. Update 6 months of good use and zero issues. 2 saltwater trips on it and the thing just keeps performing. I have it paired with the 6'6" H2o express rod from the academy for $14. Have about $50 in the rig and it is my favorite setup. You can throw weightless plastics or rig up a 1oz high low rig for pier fishing and it handles it all and lightweight package. After over a year of abuse, it finally started giving some trouble. Lots of vibration when reeling but stills cast smoothly. I have used this thing in salt and fresh water a ton but it's time for a new one. Got it on an ugly stick GX2 currently.

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The Torrent baitcasting reel is designed for durability and easy operation. It features industrial strength 3604 brass gears and a magnetic braking system with 5 magnets for consistent performance.

The catfish reel is available in 2 different gear ratios (5.3:1 & 7.1:1) to suit various fishing techniques. Additionally, it has a side-plate oil port for easy maintenance.

Whether you're a novice or a pro, the Torrent reel is a great choice for anglers of all levels.

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