Don't get caught in the great outdoors without the right gear!

A good folding saw is a must-have for any outdoor adventurer. It can come in handy for all sorts of tasks, from cutting firewood to clearing a path through the underbrush.

In this article, we'll discuss some of the best folding saws on the market and help you choose the one that's perfect for your needs. With so many options available, there's sure to be one that fits your style and budget.

How We Rate The Best Folding Saws

You want to buy a good Best Folding Saws but don't know which one to choose.

With so many different Best Folding Saws on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. After all, you don't want to end up with a saw that's terrible and doesn't do the job right.

I have found the following winners based on customer feedback, price, brand, and feature comparisons.

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A.M. Leonard Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

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A.M. Leonard Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw - 7 Inch Straight Blade

Why Is It Noteworthy?

Looking for a saw that can handle small to medium branches with ease? Look no further than the A.M. Leonard Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw.

This saw is designed for faster, cleaner, smoother, and easier cutting, and each whetstone-ground razor tooth is sharpened with 3 angles. It's also ideal for green or hard, dead, and frozen limbs.

And best of all, it cuts through limbs twice as fast as conventional saws!

So if you're looking for a top-quality saw that can make quick work of branches, the A.M. Leonard Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw is a perfect choice.

Know Before You Go

The Corona Clipper 7-inch folding razor tooth saw is designed to make quick work of small to medium-sized branches.

The professional-style saw folds for easy transport and safe storage.

The unit's razor-toothed, curved-blade design cuts through branches faster and cleaner than conventional saws, resulting in healthier plants and less pruning effort. This saw is a true gardener's tool and is sure to make light work of any pruning job.

REXBETI Folding Saw

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REXBETI Folding Saw

Why Is It Noteworthy?

Looking for a versatile and durable folding saw? Check out the REXBETI Folding Saw. This heavy-duty saw is perfect for camping, survival, bushcraft, landscaping, and general yard work.

The SK-5 steel blade is 11" long and can easily power through thick branches. The compact design makes it easy to take with you on the go.

Know Before You Go

The Rexbetti 11 is the perfect tool for those who like to be prepared for anything. Whether you're pruning some bushes in the backyard, camping in the great outdoors, or hunting for your dinner, this folding hand saw is up for the task.

Made from durable hardened SK-5 steel with triple-cut teeth, it can handle whatever you throw at it.

And the extra long anti-slip rubbery handle ensures all-day comfort, even when you're putting in a long day of work.

So go ahead and tackle that project you've been putting off. The Rexbetti 11 is ready and willing to help.

Corona Tools 7-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

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Corona Tools 7-Inch Razor TOOTH Folding Saw

Why Is It Noteworthy?

Is your old saw dragging when you're trying to get some work done? Are you ready for a saw that can handle anything you throw at it? Then it's time to upgrade to the Corona Tools 7-Inch Razor TOOTH Folding Saw.

This powerful little saw is packing some serious cutting power, thanks to its RazorTOOTH technology.

That means it can remove more material with each pull than a conventional blade, so you can finish your project up to 2x faster. And if you're dealing with limbs up to 3" in diameter, no problem - the 3-SIDED RAZOR TEETH on this baby will make quick work of them.

But it's not all about power - the high-carbon steel blade on this saw is also made for long-lasting sharpness. That's because it's crafted from Japanese SK5 steel, which is known for its durability and strength.

So whether you're using it for pruning or trimming, you can rest assured that your Corona Tools 7-Inch Razor TOOTH Folding Saw will get the job done right.

Know Before You Go

Few things are as frustrating as a dull saw blade. You're in the middle of trimming a tree branch and suddenly the blade gets stuck.

Or you're trying to cut through a thick piece of wood and the blade just won't give. But with the Corona Tools Razor Tooth Folding Saw, you'll never have to deal with a dull blade again.

This durable blade on this saw goes through 4 manufacturing processes, increasing hardness and reducing friction.

And because it's chrome-plated, it reduces friction even further, making tree trimming a breeze.

But that's not all. The easy-to-lock folding durable blade conceals the teeth when not in use, preventing Injury.

And when you're ready to use it, the centered lock allows for easy activation with either hand. Plus, the impulse hardened teeth extend the life of the tool, so you can use it again and again.

So if you're looking for a saw that can handle anything you throw at it, pick up a Corona Tools Razor Tooth Folding Saw today.

FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saws

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FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saws

Why Is It Noteworthy?

Looking for a nifty tool to add to your gardening arsenal? Check out FLORA GUARD's Hand-Pruning Saws! These trusty sidekicks are perfect for all your pruning needs - big or small.

Made of high-quality materials, our pruning saws are built to last.

The blade is made of high carbon steel SK-5, which is super sharp and can handle even the toughest cutting jobs. And because we know that dealing with rust can be a pain, we've sprayed the blade with anti-rust paint to keep it looking sharp and new.

But that's not all - our pruning saws also come with a secure locking system to keep the blade in place during use.

So you can rest assured that your saw is always safe and ready for action.

Ready to take your gardening game up a notch? Grab a FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saw today!

Know Before You Go

The ergonomically curved handle on this folding saw is not only comfortable but also secure.

With soft-touch handles and non-slip surface covers, you'll be able to reduce hand and arm fatigue while working.

This sturdy folding saw can be used as a pruner for garden pruning, sawing fence posts and other DIY wood cutting, camping kit equipment, survival gear kit, and hiking accessory.

Fully tested, this product is sure to make your life a little bit easier. So why not give it a try? You might just be surprised at how much you like it.

MOSSY OAK 3 in 1 Folding Saw

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MOSSY OAK 3 in 1 Folding Saw

Why Is It Noteworthy?

No more guessing which saw is right for the job - the MOSSY OAK 3 in 1 Folding Saw has you covered.

With three different types of blades, this bad boy can handle anything you throw at it. Wood, bone, plastic, metal - you name it, this saw can cut it.

And it's not just the fear factor champ of saws - it's easy and safe to carry, so you can take it with you wherever your next project takes you.

Don't be caught unprepared - get your MOSSY OAK 3-in-1 Folding Saw today!

Know Before You Go

Planning on doing some serious gardening this year? Then you'll need a good saw. And not just any saw - you need the Mossy Oak 3-in-1 Folding Saw.

This bad boy comes with an ergonomic slip-resistant comfort grip handle, so you can Saw away to your heart's content without fear of losing your grip (and your fingers).

It also easily and securely locks into 2 different angle positions for a smooth and easy cut. So what are you waiting for?

Get yourself a Mossy Oak 3-in-1 Folding Saw today and make those branches wish they'd never thought to cross your path.


You're looking for a good saw, but you don't know which one to buy.

With all of the different saws on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Do you need a hand saw? A power saw? A folding saw?

Best Folding Saws is the perfect solution for your needs. Our lightweight and compact folding saw are perfect for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. The high-quality stainless steel blade makes it easy to cut through wood, plastic, and metal.

What Do You Use A Folding Saw For?

A folding saw is great for camping, backpacking, and general outdoor use. They're also handy for emergency preparedness kits. Some people even keep them in their car in case of an emergency.

There are all sorts of reasons to have a folding saw on hand. Here are just a few:

-Cutting down small trees or branches for firewood

-Clearing a path through dense undergrowth

-Making quick repairs to a fence or other structure

-Processing firewood into smaller pieces

-Shelter construction or repairs

-Hunting and trapping game animals

Do You Need A Saw Backpacking?


A saw is one of those items that you may not need on your backpacking trip, but if you do need it, the boy will you be glad you have it!

A saw can come in handy for all sorts of things, from cutting down small trees to make a shelter, to trimming branches off of your trail to clear a path.

While you may be able to get by without a saw, why take the chance? A lightweight and compact saw is easy to pack along on your trip and could end up being a real-life saver.

So do yourself a favor and throw one in your backpack before heading out into the wilderness!

What Is A Folding Saw?

A folding saw is a compact saw that is designed to be easily transported and quickly set up for use. It typically has a smaller blade than a traditional handsaw, which makes it ideal for smaller jobs or for when you need a more precise cut.

Most folding saws have a three-point locking system that keeps the blade securely in place while in use.

This feature also allows the saw to be safely stored away when not in use. Additionally, many folding saws come with a built-in sheath that helps protect the blade and your hands when not in use.

How Do You Make A Folding Saw?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to make a folding saw will vary depending on the materials and size of the saw you're working with.

However, there are some basic steps you can follow to ensure that your folding saw turns out beautifully.

To start, be sure to accurately measure the length of the piece you'll be cutting, as well as the width of the kerf (the space created by the width of the blade). This will ensure that your cuts are precise and that your saw doesn't bind when you're trying to cut.

Next, use a chisel or other sharp tool to score a line along your measurement marks. This will help you get a clean, straight cut when you're ready to start sawing.

Once your lines are all scored, it's time to start sawing! Be sure to use a slow and steady motion as you work your way through the piece of wood. If your blade starts to bind, simply stop sawing and reposition the blade before continuing.

Finally, once you've cut through the wood, use a file or sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges. And that's it - you've now successfully made your very own folding saw!

What Is The Best Folding Saw For Bushcraft?

There is no one "best" folding saw for bushcraft, as different people have different preferences and needs. However, some of the better options include the Bahco Laplander, the Sven Saw, and the Mora Companion.

Each of these saws has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to consider what you'll be using it for before making a purchase.

For example, if you're primarily interested in sawing through small branches and limbs, then a smaller saw like the Mora Companion would be a good choice.

But if you're looking to do more heavy-duty cutting, then something like the Bahco Laplander or Sven Saw might be a better option.

Best Folding Saw Recommendation For You

So there you have it, the five best folding saws on Amazon. We hope our research has helped make your decision a little bit easier and we also hope you enjoy whichever one you choose!

And remember, if you’re ever in doubt about which product is right for you, just check the Amazon reviews. Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong.

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A.M. Leonard Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw - 7 Inch Straight Blade

REXBETI Folding Saw

Corona Tools 7-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saws

MOSSY OAK 3 in 1 Folding Saw

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